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Computer Donations and Recycling in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

(PRWEB) March 22, 2005

Managing director Bojan Paduh, a young entrepreneur from Calgary said: "E-waste is the fastest-growing type of waste thrown out by corporations as the IT industry updates products faster and faster. A new PC is now obsolete in two years and millions of them end up on landfill waste sites each year."

Every computer contains about four pounds of lead and small quantities of deadly cadmium and mercury. Other hazardous materials used in computers include hexavalent chromium, PVC plastic. All of these contribute to the poisonous cocktail of heavy metals found on landfills.

E.R.A is launching a program associated major computer and electronics retailers in Edmonton. Locations such as The Brick, WestWorld Computers, BCOM, Acrodex, and many more will be participating in ERA’s depot program. Organizations and individuals can now conveniently drop off their old computers at any of the participating locations, for donation or recycling.

For a complete list of participating locations, please visit the ERA website at .

The ERA has many depots around the city that are accepting items, and is also offering a pickup and disposal service to any company. For the next few months, all collections of computer equipment will be done at no charge to companies wishing to donate their old computers.

E.R.A has various solutions for disposing of old PCs. Recent PC's can be given to people who cannot afford new ones, such as elderly and poor, job training tools to the unemployed, or sold to developing countries. If PC's are too old to be reused, Electronic Recycling Association will pass them onto companies specializing in dismantling them and recovering many materials including small amounts of precious gold, silver and copper.

E.R.A's priority is to reuse as many PCs as possible. Mr Paduh explained: "Reuse means the hazardous materials are not being let loose to do their worst and less new raw materials need to be extracted from the earth to make the next generation of computers and other electronic goods.

For info:

Electronic Recycling Association of Alberta

Edmonton – Computer and Electronics Depot

11404 143 Street

(780) 455-2088

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