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CD Baby, Sonicbids, Atlantis Music Conference and the Indie Bible partner with Music-Tech.Net to sponsor the Showcase of the “era.”

(PRWEB) May 31, 2004

In an effort to send independent artist sales through the roof, Music-Tech.Net, your premier marketing engine for the retail of digital music products, has designed an incredible marketing approach. The Music-Tech.Net Indie Artist Showcase runs in twelve week cycles and will prove to be a revolutionary predictor of indie artist success. Independent artists are selected on the basis of talent and marketability to be the next major label contenders. Music-Tech.Net will feature artists during each quarter in custom marketing campaigns.

A prestigious award is given to the artist in the Music-Tech.Net Indie Artist Showcase with the most units sold per quarter. In addition, the winner will receive a gift certificate up to $ 6,000.00. The winner will receive marketing support via our highly effective internet marketing team. The showcase will culminate in an event in the great city of Atlanta, GA where the Award of Distinction and gift certificate will be presented. To assure definitively that showcased artists are from a representative sample of the finest independent artists and because of the acquisition of additional sponsors, Music-Tech.Net is extending the deadline for submissions to the showcase. The final deadline is June 15, 2004. The first round of the showcase will launch June 30, 2004. Music-Tech.Net will begin taking submissions for the second round of the showcase on June 16, 2004 and the second round of the showcase is scheduled to launch October 4, 2004.

Music-Tech.Net is asking artists to have a website, photo(s) for our newsletter, a short bio and a market ready CD product. Artists can submit an electronic press kit or website URL. Music-Tech.Net will review the artist's press kit or website to make selections for the artist showcase. All genres are accepted for review provided there is no explicit content on an artist website or in music samples.

Music-Tech.Net is keen to become a viable marketing arm for artists, record labels and promoters. Music-Tech.Net is dedicated to leveling the playing field by supporting the growth of the industry from the student of music through the independent artist and up.

The URL to submit a press kit or website URL for review:

To contact us:

Walter Boone


595 Piedmont Avenue N.E.

Suite 320 Box 129

Atlanta, Georgia 30308

Phone 1 800 278 4931

"Presenting the finest of the finest Artists, Products and Services"

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