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Beta 9.0 Aurora XAML Designer Released for Windows Vista and Windows XP Development

Boston, MA (PRWEB) June 11, 2006

Mobiform Software Inc. today announced the release of Aurora Beta 9.0. The latest Beta of Aurora, Mobiform’s XAML Graphic Designer for WinFX, is compatible with Microsoft Corporation’s WinFX Beta 2 and is available for download from Mobiform’s Web site (

The Aurora XAML Designer for WinFX is an adaptable WinFX-based graphics authoring tool that generates instant XAML documents for software applications or web development. Its easy-to-use visual design environment is updated in Beta 9.0 with a fresh user interface. Other significant enhancements include control templates, dockable panels, convenient ‘object search’ and ‘locate object’ capability within a XAML document and limited 3D animation.

“Aurora has been in development for almost two years and will emerge later this year as the premier XAML authoring and design product for software and web developers and designers,” says Ron DeSerranno, President and CEO of Mobiform Software Inc. Aurora is exclusively for use in Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows XP applications that employ WinFX.

In addition to operating as a stand-alone design product, Aurora also serves as a graphics authoring platform for software applications that have visual design requirements. Aurora is completely embeddable in third-party applications and has already been embraced by a number of applications in graphics-intensive vertical markets such as industrial engineering and mapping. Aurora has a full object model and plug-in architecture, which allows it to be customized and extended.

Mobiform Software Inc. will be attending Microsoft TechEd in Boston, MA from June 11-16, 2006.

About Mobiform Software Inc.

Mobiform Software Inc. is a pioneer of emerging XML-based graphics technology for software developers and designers. The company’s XAML authoring tool, Aurora, crafts 2D and 3D graphics, animation and distinctive user interfaces. Aurora seamlessly embeds into .NET applications for unique, organization-specific graphics authoring requirements. For more information, please visit

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Mobiform Software Inc.

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