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Benchmarking Tests Show that the Wisiba PowerPlus Delivers Outstanding Scalability

Bangalore, India (PRWEB) December 6, 2004

Itellix today announced that the Wisiba PowerPlus proxy server, its Web services management product, successfully delivers a throughput volume of over one million requests per hour. Web services management products are often implemented as gateways and raise scalability concerns. Wisiba underwent extensive performance benchmarking tests using the Intel® Remote Access Service program. The objective was to allay scalability concerns, while establishing the number of simultaneous client connections that the Wisiba PowerPlus proxy server can handle and the throughput volume it can support without performance deterioration.

The test results indicated that the Wisiba PowerPlus proxy server running on a dual-CPU platform with a Linux operating system powered by Intel® architecture was capable of processing over one million requests per hour. All connections were accepted and the latency added by Wisiba PowerPlus proxy server remained extremely small (about 15 milliseconds) even with 300 simultaneous client connections. The Wisiba PowerPlus proxy server enabled high-availability, and the response time experienced by the clients was only constrained by the Web service end-points.

Melissa Laird, general manager of Intel’s Software Enabling Division, said, "We are pleased to provide Itellix with a testing environment that can help further the company’s mission to build highly scalable Web services management solutions."

Adds Abhijit Sharma, director of engineering for Itellix, "As with any middleware, Web services management products also raise scalability concerns. Working with the Intel Remote Access Service program has given us the opportunity to demonstrate that such concerns can be allayed by using a high-performance proxy server such as Wisiba PowerPlus."

About Itellix

Based in Bangalore, India, Itellix Software focuses on providing solutions that help accelerate the adoption of Web services. Wisiba, a comprehensive Web services management suite from Itellix, helps address availability, security and quality of service (QoS) related issues. This helps make an enterprise service-oriented architecture more dependable.

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