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Announcing Documentary: Our Lady of Soufanieh

(PRWEB) February 5, 2006

The Soufanieh events began in a small Christian suburb of Damascus on Saturday, November 27, 1982, the night before the first Sunday of Advent, when a small image of the Holy Virgin, in the house of newlyweds Nicolas and Myrna Nazzour, started exuding oil. After that, oil started oozing from Myrna's hands and several parts of her body. Finally, since December 15, 1982, Myrna received messages from the Holy Virgin and Jesus Christ, during apparitions and ecstasies.

Prayer has not ceased a single day since November 27th, 1982, regardless of the time or the circumstances; prayers to which Moslems participate spontaneously, since the Virgin Mary is held in such high esteem in Islam. People that come for the first time to Soufanieh are moved by the fervor of the believers. Entire lives are totally transformed. Spiritual conversions are very numerous and are much more important than physical cures, yet very real.

Vidéoclub catholique Rassemblement à Son Image presents: Our Lady of Soufanieh; first part - Testimony of Mgr Boulos Borkhoche (bishop of Hauran) as well as fathers Joseph Malouli, Élias Zahlaoui and Adel Khoury (theologian); and of Mr. Antoine Makdisi (writer and university professor); and of scientists: Dr. Joseph Massamiri (biologist) and Dr. G. Marji (paediatrician) - This documentary won first place in the festival of Catholic film in Poland (1996).

Online clips of the documentary are available in these languages:






Video media in PAL and NTSC format in the English, French, Russian, and Polish languages can be obtained at:

A FREE Arabic language DVD is available, as well. The above webpage includes contact information for all suppliers.

Multi-lingual testimonies to the Soufanieh events can be accessed at


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