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Best Computer Rentals Offering Render Farm Rentals to Creative Firms and Advertising Agencies

Houston, TX (PRWEB) October 31, 2005

In response to customer requests, Best Computer Rentals ( has put together a rendering farm rental package exclusively for creative firms and ad agencies.

Render Farms are simply a collection of computers (PC, Mac, and even Linux based) which are networked together for the purpose of rendering a single frame of an animation, modeling, or titling project. In a render farm, one computer serves as a master while the other computers serve as slaves. Maya Software from Alias is a popular animation and modeling package that many creative firms use when rendering animation or titles.

For example, when a piece of animation needs to be done, the master computer will assign a single frame to be rendered by the slave computer. The slave computer will then work on that single frame and return it to the master computer and await the data for the next frame. The master computer will then assemble all the different frames to complete the project.

Renting computers for a temporary render farm makes sense when dealing with sensitive client data or for keeping a project in house. Best Computer Rentals can put together a competitive package of networked computers, PC or Mac based, that can serve as a temporary render farm (see For more information call Best Computer Rentals at 866-475-6825.

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